Over 100 years of success

Celebrating over 100 years of success, Baroness has been providing the highest quality turf maintenance equipment by emphasizing the customer’s needs to manufacture products that are beneficial for the consumer, community and environment.

Our US operation began in 2006 in Northern California and since then, Baroness US Sales Network has expanded to 23 States with 13 dealerships to cover most of the East and West coast, yet we are still seeking dealers to expand the network throughout the US.

Our line of products has been embraced by professional superintendents and mechanics alike not only for their high quality performance, but also their ease of maintenance. Having the industry leading top quality walk behind greens mowers, fairway mowers, rough mowers, bunker rakes and various other equipment, Baroness continues to thrive in the US market.


In 1910 Sokichi Hayashi started Kyoeisha, a company focused on production of two angle-type straw folders for silk growers in the Toyokawa area.  In 1918 he reorganized his company into Kyoeisha Co., Ltd, and became the first President.  Mr. Hayashi developed a human-powered thresher in 1922 that was in high demand domestically and was exported to Korea, China, Taiwan and Southeast Asia.  In 1930 he developed a rope manufacturing machine.  Mr. Sokichi passed away in 1945 at the age of 77.

Kaichi Hayashi inherited Kyoeisha Co., Ltd in 1945 and became the second-generation President.  A keen inventor and designer, Kaichi started to produce cultivators for the rice and vegetable growing industries.  In 1956 the factory was appointed as a Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS) factory for the development of machine powered threshers.  Kyoeisha developed its first Greens Mower in 1959 and advanced into the turf care industry.  During the development of the Greens Mower, Mr. Hayashi pioneered the process used to strengthen mower reels, a process that is still used to this day.

In 1960 Kyoeisha Co., Ltd celebrated its 50th anniversary.  In the ten years that followed, Kyoeisha designed and started the production of its next three lines: the GM, HM and the Trencher Series.  Kyoeisha became nationally known as a turf maintenance specialty company.  In 1978 the first Baroness 5 reel hydraulic-driven tractor mower was released and helped the Baroness brand become very popular with golf courses in Japan.

Masami Hayashi became the third President of Kyoeisha Co., Ltd. in 1982.  During his tenure, Kyoeisha USA and UK were established, starting our expansion into the international turf care market.  Domestically, significant sales offices were opened all around Japan.  Advancements in a full lineup of highly specialized turf care equipment was developed, which has improved playing conditions around the world.  Kyoeisha’s unique design led the turf industry with equipment that influences the way we do things today. Utilizing his tremendous knowledge and experience, in 2015 Masami Hayashi began his role as Chairman.

Hidenori Hayashi is the current and fourth Kyoeisha President.  He has made great strides in developing and moving Baroness into the global leader for golf maintenance equipment by expanding international distribution.  In 2016, Kyoeisha hosted the first International Distributor’s Conference bringing together Baroness distributors from all around the world.  President Hayashi’s concern for the environment and community with his youthful excitement and passion, guarantees a prosperous future for this great company.