Charles “Chuck” Totten, Equipment Manager
Westmoreland CC, IL

“From the technician’s point of view, Baroness mowers have more adjustability for aggression, meaning they have an aggressive short bedknife blade – a standard one and an extended one. This gave me more options. I like the idea of the bedknife being able to be adjusted on either side with the eccentrics on the bedknife screws. That gives me the ability to make sure once I square that reel up, you can put that bedknife exact.”

Brian E. Boyer, Superintendent
Cinnabar Hils Golf Club, CA

“One of the characteristics we noticed about the Baroness machines for the time we’ve had them, is the consistent quality of cut. We are not adjusting the reel as often as we had with the old ones. We like how heavy the reels are. Some guys don’t like that, but that provides a firmer surface for us. And the steel seems remarkable just as the ad says.”

Randy Long, Superintendent
Thornblake Country Club, SC

“When you run a machine a couple of passes over top dressed greens and it gets dull, it’s pretty disheartening. We’ve all resolved that’s the way it is, but it’s not the way it is with Baroness. We can cut a complete round on the golf course and the machine is still cutting paper. We’ve been amazed how long it can hold the edge. To me, that’s the single, biggest factor for us.”