The LM331 is a high-quality, 3WD Surround and Trim Mower powered by a hydrostatic system.



The LM101 is equiped with precision-engineered sharp reel cutters, made from Baroness’ own special steel.



A sturdy rough mower with exceptional power to weight ratio and carries the highest quality reels and bedknives in the industry.


The LM3210 5-Unit Reel Mower

LM3210 is a heavy-duty mower equipped with the most durable and sharpest reel cutters created from an original steel combination and made exquisitely by proven craftsmanship



The GM1700 rotary slope mower has a low center of gravity and pivoting seat which allows it to cut banks up to 25 degrees.



A mid-weight five-unit fairway mower that embodies all the qualities that Baroness products are best known for.



The GM2810 is our premium ride-on rotary mower equipped with five rotary decks that individually follow hilly terrains and slopes.


We are Industry Leaders

Our line of products has been embraced by professional superintendents and mechanics alike not only for their high quality performance, but also their ease of maintenance.

Celebrating over 100 years of success!

Baroness has been providing the highest quality turf maintenance equipment by emphasizing the customer’s needs to manufacture products that are beneficial for consumer, community and the environment.


Our Lineup

Greens & Tees


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Bunkers & Specialty

When you run a machine a couple of passes over top-dressed greens and it gets dull, it's pretty disheartening. We've all resolved that's the way it is, but it’s not the way it is with Baroness. We can cut a complete round on the golf course and the machine is still cutting paper. We've been amazed how long it can hold the edge. To me, that's the single, biggest factor for us.

Randy LongThornblade Club, SC

From the technician’s point of view, Baroness mowers have more adjustability for aggression, meaning they have an aggressive short bedknife blade – a standard one and an extended one. This gave me more options.

Charles “Chuck” TottenEquipment Manager Westmoreland CC, IL

One of the characteristics we noticed about the Baroness machines for the time we’ve had them, is the consistent quality of cut.

Brian E. BoyerSuperintendent Cinnabar Hils Golf Club, CA

We've definitely noticed with Baroness, that it hits a mark because we have efficiency, we have productivity, and we also have quality there.

Pat O'BrienGrounds Superintendent, Hyde Park Golf & Country Club, OH